Fine Motor Skills: a steamy rom-com novella
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Fine Motor Skills -- Mending Hearts and Fixing Parts

Fine Motor Skills, Definition:
The physical ability to make fine movements, usually via the small muscles in the wrists and/or hands… Those wonderful, gentle, dexterous hands.

Debut author D. C. Hope brings us her sexy and relatable rom-com, exploring false first impressions and fresh starts in life.

Susie is a businesswoman, settled, successful, and in love – until one day, her world crashes down. She’s made a fool of herself, and worse still, she’s risked her career in the process.

Tony is from another world. A mechanic who she suspects doesn’t have an ounce of ambition –or a gram of consideration for others. She’s hired him to fix up her beloved Morris Minor, and she can't stand his arrogant, judgemental ways. At least so she thinks, on the day that she meets him.

Their lives couldn’t be more different. So why is it that she can’t stop noticing the clothes he wears, the inflexion of his voice, and the beautiful, rippling, Italian body that makes an occasional appearance from beneath his overalls?

Perhaps Susie’s view of men has been coloured by her recent experiences. There is a chance that Tony is not the uneducated oaf she has assumed he is. And maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what she needs to find a new direction… and have some mind-blowing fun in the process.

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