Feasting on Her Curves: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Forbidden Fantasies)
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It’s hard to not fall hard for three hot former baseball players that want you.
And it’s harder when all three of them are transforming your career.

But here’s why Cory, Gavin, and Donovan are bad news…
They are my brother’s best friends.
The future of my bakery depends on their investments.
And I know I’ll end up with a shattered heart.

Cory is a rebel. Tackling things that are not meant for him is what he does best. The butterflies I get when he touches me are unreal.

Gavin made it plenty clear that he wanted me the second I stood before him. His lust is still palpable.

And Donovan’s ambition and his bad bad persona reminds me of all the things that I’d always wanted but could never have.

The temptation to have all three in my bed would destroy the only dream that’s ever been real to me.
It could mean the end of my business.
But is three times the love worth risking all of that for?

A scorching hot standalone reverse harem romance that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied, sweaty and breathless. Loaded with all things taboo, Sofie promises to bring ALL your dirty fantasies to life with these outrageously naughty stories from her Forbidden Fantasies collection.
Warning: Adults Only.

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