Fated to the Dragon Prince
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Fated to the Dragon Prince by Silvana Falcon

When Dariel’s eyes meet Prince Curren’s, he’s immediately caught in the dragon’s fiery gaze. Dariel runs, but he can’t stay away. The temptation is too great. He goes to see the dragon again, and this time, he’s caught for real. The prince takes him back to his castle, to his chambers. "You're mine," he tells Dariel. Dariel doesn't want to be a dragon's fated mate. He doesn't want anything to do with any paranormal creature. They're the reason mortals like him went all but extinct. The reason his people have to live in hiding. Dariel knows if he tried to run back to his community, he would lead the prince right to them. It's not a risk he can take. He has to remain by the dragon's side, share his room… and his bed. Please note, this book does NOT contain mpreg
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