Fated to the Beast
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Fated to the Beast by Kenzie Skye



Being half bear/half wolf shifter, I’ve been shunned my entire life. Now I spend my time in exile, watching over the village below my castle grounds—until one day when a fair maiden stumbles onto my land. I want her the moment I lay eyes on her. Since everyone already believes I’m a monster, I grab her and bring her back to my castle. I know it’s wrong, but I crave Fiona in ways even I don’t understand. Both my inner beasts rage at me to claim her as my mate. I can bear the scorn and hatred of others, but there is one thing I can’t endure: knowing she can’t possibly return my affections. Before I lose all control and become the monster people accuse me of being, I set Fiona free.


I never imagined forming an attachment, let alone romantic feelings for the beast of a man who has been holding me captive. Broderick has been ostracized his entire life and I can’t help but be drawn to the wounds he hides inside. Who am I to think I can offer him any solace? Yet, in my presence, he does seem more settled, more at ease. If I’m honest with myself, the inner restlessness I’ve struggled with my entire life also calms. Together we soothe each other. But then he lets me go and I’m left to wonder if we’re meant to be after all.

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