Fate Awakened
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Fate Awakened by Jocelyn Montana

A fierce werewolf consumed by his past. A human used as bait. A connection neither expects. A MONSTER TO EVERYONE BUT HER … Hans lives only for vengeance. No more Pack. No friends. Only the dark void inside him tormenting him about his past. Yet when he meets a dark-haired beauty, desire tears through him and changes everything. But werewolves never take mates, and to claim her would doom him and ensure the rising evil wins. AN ORDINARY HUMAN TO EVERYONE BUT HIM … One moment Briony’s eating in the tavern, and the next a necromancer has her tied up in a cave as bait for a werewolf. Stuck in the middle of a centuries old battle, she needs to escape. Now. Except when the werewolf arrives and she gets her chance, she doesn’t run. No—she helps him and decides to join him to face a formidable enemy who will do anything to kill her. And with each day that passes, every gentle touch, every silky purr, the werewolf claws his way further into her heart. BOUND TOGETHER AGAINST AN ANCIENT EVIL … They have one month to work together to take down a sorceress. One month to decide to remain together forever. Everyone in Briony’s life has left her, and she doesn’t believe in love anymore. Secrets in Hans’s past prevent him from making Briony his. They may save the world, but will they save each other? Publishers Note: The hero of the story is a walk-on-two-legs mythological kind of werewolf. He is not a human man who shifts into a wolf. The book cover accurately depicts what the hero looks like. If you like a little monster in your man—this book is perfect for you. If you enjoy sweeping fantasy with a happy ever after—this book is for you. Possible triggers are detailed on the author's website. This steamy romance is intended for a mature audience only.
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