Fangs and Frenemies
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Fangs and Frenemies by Sierra Cross

A quirky genius bobcat shifter. A sassy ex-cheerleading vampire. A sweet—but slightly neurotic—witch. They fight crime. Hazel Greenwood’s magical career and love life are finally looking up at twenty eight. Take that, shallow Beige Witch mom and sisters! And everyone else who made her feel like an outcast growing up, just because she inherited Gran's powerful Green Magic. But when a mean girl from the past goes missing, Hazel’s thrown back into the whirlwind of small town drama, rekindled rivalries, and romantic sparks. High school’s back, witches. To clear each other's names, three supernatural frenemies must set aside ancient grudges and learn to trust each other. Because in the cozy, sea-swept village of Blue Moon Bay, Oregon, everyone’s guarding a magical secret. Will these three women, who usually can't stand each other, find love and friendship while cracking the mystery—or are they cursed to fail? Dive into a world of magical intrigue, snarky humor, heartwarming friendship, and slow burn romance. Escape to Blue Moon Bay now!
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