Family of Fire
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Family of Fire by Hope Bennett

Two dragon clans. An uneasy alliance. Fated mates. Morgan is alone in an unfamiliar clan. When he is sent to train with the warrior dragons, Morgan accepts his fate. He’s alone. He’s vulnerable. All he needs to do is keep his distance, his dignity and his silence. But Fate has other plans for him. Lew’s instinct is to claim. He never expected to like the noble-born Morgan but his dragon can’t leave him alone. As Lew learns more about what brought Morgan into his clan, he realises his dragon may be onto something. And if Morgan really is his fated mate, he’s not going to let him go. Not for anything. Family of Fire is a light-hearted forbidden love romance between a naïve noble dragon and the older warrior who’s been hired to train him. It’s the first book in the Dragon’s Mate series but can be read as a standalone with a satisfying conclusion. It features two dragon clans at war, fierce dragon elders, secret magic, a large number of cousins, protective mates and an HEA. Find out what Lew is prepared to do to claim his mate.

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“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.” ― Franz Kafka

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