Family Bonds- Eli and Bella (Amore Island Book 6)
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Eli Bond has always had life under control. He knew what he wanted and was determined to succeed at any cost. He surrounded himself with people to make that happen and nothing was standing in his way. When a woman from his past drops into his life unexpectedly…he’s going to make sure she understands that he isn’t letting her go this time.

Bella Kingston could never forget the man that was detained at her uncle’s casino years ago for just talking to her. She’s been protected her whole life, even if she didn’t want it. Suddenly there is a threat in her life and her uncle ships her off to Amore Island to be guarded and watched over by Eli Bond. Now the question was, is the threat to her heart?

Amore Island

Hunter Bond and Kayla Rivers
Drew Bond and Amanda Moore
Mac Bond and Sidney Hollister
Emily Rauch and Crew Ackley
Ava Mills and Seth Young
Eli Bond and Bella Kingston
Hailey Bond and Rex Knight
Penelope Rauch and Griffin Zale

Paradise Place

Cupid's Quest- Josh Turner and Ruby Gentile
Change Up- Harris Walker and Kaelyn Butler
Starting Over- Philip Aire and Blair McKay
Eternal- Nathan Randal and Brina Shepard
Falling Into Love- Ryan Butler and Shannon Wilder
Mistletoe Magic- Brian Dawson and Robin Fischer
Believe In Me - Caden Finley and Sarah Walker
Unexpected Delivery- Evan Butler and Parker Reid
Because Of You- Dylan Randal and Zoe Milton
Letting Go- Cash Fielding and Hannah Shepard


A Lover For Lily
A Playboy For Poppy
A Romantic For Rose

Fierce Family

Sam- Sam Fierce and Dani Rhodes
Bryce- Bryce Fierce and Payton Davies
Drake- Drake Fierce and Kara Winslow
Wyatt- Wyatt Fierce and Adriana Lopez
Jade- Jade Fierce and Brock James
Ryder- Ryder Fierce and Marissa McMillan

Fierce Matchmaking

Devin Andrews and Hope Hall
Mick McNamara and Lindsey White
Cody McMillan and Raina Davenport
Liam O'Malley and Margo West
Walker Olson and Stella White

First Fierce Series
Brody- Brody Fierce and Aimee Reed
Aiden- Aiden Fierce and Nic Moretti
Mason- Mason Fierce and Jessica Corning
Cade- Cade Fierce and Alex Marshall
Ella- Ella Fierce and Travis McKinley

Lake Placid Series

Second Chance - Nick Buchanan and Mallory Denning
Give Me A Chance - Max Hamilton and Quinn Baker
Our Chance - Caleb Ryder and Celeste McGuire
Take A Chance - Cole McGuire and Rene Buchanan
Deserve A Chance - Zach Monroe and Amber Deacon
Last Chance - Trevor Miles and Riley Hamilton
Another Chance - Matt Winters and Dena Hall
It's My Chance- Logan Taylor and Kennedy Miles
One More Chance- Justin Cambridge and Taryn Miles

All Series

All for Love- William Harper and Isabel Carmichael
All or Nothing - Ben Harper and Presley James
All of Me - Phil Harper and Sophia Mansfield
All the Way - Alec Harper and Brynn Palmer
All I Want - Sean Callahan and Carly Springfield
All My Love - Drew Palmer and Jordyn Montgomery
All About You Finn Abraham and Olivia Hartman
All of Us - Landon Barber and Kristen Reid

Road to Recovery - Lucas Mathews and Brooke Malone
Road to Redemption - Cori Summers and Jack Reynolds
Road to Reality - Mac Malone and Beth Campbell
Road to Reason- Ryan Mathews and Kaitlin Harper

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