Falling for the Recluse
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Falling for the Recluse by Liv Prescott

JOSIE: I can’t believe I’m going to be living with Dr. Gavin Stark. Brilliant glaciologist. Famously bad-tempered. Extremely private. Supremely annoyed I’m invading the remote Antarctic island he’s been alone on for years. There are literally no other inhabitants in a hundred-mile radius. So why’d a girl like me want to be awarded this live-in internship with the most reclusive grouch in the northern hemisphere? One word—penguins. I’ve been obsessed with them my whole life. So, I’ve already decided. Mr. Grumpalupagus isn’t ruining this for me. I already know to expect an icy welcome, both literally and figuratively. But I’m not at all prepared to be so drawn to the mysterious, confusing man… GAVIN: I can’t believe this irrationally perky college girl is going to be living with me. She's scrappier than I expect. Ten times cuter than I was dreading, and impossibly sweet. Sure, she’s smart. Hard-working, too. And surprisingly good at following orders—even the dirtiest kind, which I can’t seem to stop myself from issuing. But there’s a reason why I’ve shut everyone out. I don’t even need the pain-filled memories to remind me anymore. So despite the inescapable chemistry that soon has us burning up the sheets every night, Little Miss Sunshine isn’t getting me addicted to her warmth. Her fire. Because a man like me doesn’t get to keep a woman like her. It’s what I keep telling myself. Every last day until her time out here with me has to come to an end… NOTE: This is a short, steamy romp between a hardened grump and the one woman who somehow cracks his icy exterior. It’s all the HOT insta-fun sparks, yummy tension, and falling-hard-and-fast swoon for the busy reader wanting quick & dirty schmexy sweetness, with a romantic, feel-good HEA. Enjoy! "I loved this book! Hot enough to thaw the most frozen of hearts! Gavin and Josie are magic together!" -- Carly Phillips, New York Times bestselling author
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