Falling For The Pilot
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Falling For The Pilot by Jean Stokes


♥♥♥She is looking to settle down. He needs a pretend girlfriend. Should good friends dare to become more?♥♥♥

WARNING: The Fort Balerno Series is addictive! Be prepared to stay up until 3am reading about steamy passion in a small Western town, a tight-knit group of smokin' hot protective military alphas and their feisty heroines!⚠

Kate: I've always been one of the guys. I love my friends dearly, even if being the friend of four giant, intimidating Marines isn't exactly getting me on the shortlist for dating partners. I suppose it doesn't matter, even though finding someone who loves me and wants to settle down with me is always something I've wanted.

Tony is one of my best friends, and I've never thought of him like that, but lately I'm starting to. There's so much at risk—our friendship, our friend group—and I have no idea what the future holds. I don't know if Tony is worth the risk?

Tony: Every member of my family is happily married with kids. To get my parents off my back, I told them I had a girlfriend, and I would bring her home for Christmas. Well, Christmas is here, and I only know one single woman—my best friend, Kate. So I need her to come home with me and pretend that we're dating. I have no idea if it'll go well. I'm used to taking risks, but I've had a crush on Kate since the day we met, and I'm not sure I'll be able to keep my cool with her so close?

Well, every great discovery comes with a little risk, right? If Kate is willing to pretend, then I can step up and pretend with her—even when I realize how much I like her and how badly I want to be around her more.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I can control myself around her, and keep my cool. Probably. I hope.

For someone whose eyes are always on the sky, sometimes the perfect happily ever after is standing right in front of you.


★★★★★ "You can read it as a standalone but I think the books are more enjoyable when read in order since previous characters will show up in this book. They're all interconnected. This is a friend to lover’s fake turn real romance story. No cheating, low drama and definitely a happy ending. It is steamy and entertaining. I've really enjoyed the authors books. Can't wait to see what she puts out next"

★★★★★ "There is so much between these two. He’s always had a crush since they met now he can act on it. Katie liked him but did not even realize it. Tony is a gentleman through and through. It was a heart wrenching story but that made it even better. Grab the series and read it all. It is great. These can kind of be stand alone but it is better to read from the start so you know who is who and how and why they fit together to perfectly."

Author Notes
The heart-melting Fort Balerno romance stories are about a tight-knit group of protective military veteran alphas in a small-town Western setting with independent heroines, high-adrenaline suspense, a dash of humor, no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after! There is a healthy dose of smokin' hot steamy scenes, no cliffhangers and each can be read standalone but is ideally read along with the rest of the series as you will love the characters and want to find out what happens to them!

Steam & language alert 18+ only: I don't want your angry vigilante mama after me! If you aren’t eighteen then go read Harry Potter, mind your language and eat your broccoli!

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If you're looking for contemporary small-town steamy Western romance with military veterans or paranormal alphas, then you've found your new favorite author!

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