Faking It For The Boss (Spicy Office Secrets)
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A fake engagement ring around my finger was not supposed to lead to real feelings… 

And a crazy ex gone crazier. 

But that’s just how life is at times – crazy and unpredictable. 

Tom was my boss. 

He was the last man I thought I’d be intimate with. 

And yet, there I was… spending the night with him like my career meant nothing to me. 

On top of that, our little ruse backfired because his ex became even more interested in him after seeing us together. 

Speaking of complications, I could only hope that Tom had his intentions in the right place. 

I’d be crushed if I felt like he was using me. 

Especially now that I knew I was pregnant with twins.

I was scared, lonely, and confused. Was this one giant mistake or would my gigantic news end up uniting us?

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