Excite Me
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Excite Me by Emilia Rose

If my best friend finds out I’m dating her dad, I could lose more than just our friendship. But I can’t keep my hands off of him. What's even worse, he's more than just a pointless fling to me. With a sick mom to take care of and student loan debt piling up, I kept finding myself stuck dating men with wandering eyes and faking things in the bedroom. But then Michael Bryne, my best friend’s father, promises me an escape. I should have said no. What started as an innocent hook-up has turned into a wild love affair. But my best friend can’t know about us. Ever. It’s only a matter of time before everything comes crashing down. So how do I choose? Fans of Torn by Carian Cole and Her Dad's Friend by Penny Wylder won’t be able to put this book down! Scroll up and one click to start reading today!
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