Every Last Doubt
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Every Last Doubt by Christa Wick

The moment I meet the admittedly cute trespasser ready to attack me in my sister’s home just weeks after a tragic accident took her from us, I know the woman’s going to be trouble. She’s sexy as hell, distractingly curvy—and obviously keeping things from me and my family. Worse than that, she’s definitely afraid of something, and it’s driving me crazy she won’t tell me what. The thing is, I’m not just starting to feel protective of the walking flight risk, but damn possessive, too. And the more I’m with her, the more I want to be the man that gets her past the fears she’s got bottled up. In both her head and her heart. The HIS TO CLAIM Series Montana Bachelors - Book 1: Every Last Doubt (Adler & Sage) - Book 2: Every Last Touch (Walker & Ashley) - Book 3: Every Last Look (Barrett & Quinn) Montana Bachelorettes - Book 4: Every Last Secret (Sutton & Maddy) - Book 5: Every Last Reason (Emerson & Delia) - Book 6: Every Last Call (Gamble & Siobhan) Previously published as Adler James (c) 2017, completely rewritten in first person POV and revised throughout with a little more steam (note that this is my first slow-burn story series, steam-wise LOL, so it is a little tamer than my usual stuff -- but not too tame, as it is a Christa Wick book, after all *grin*), along with newly added content, and a different extended ending.
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