Escorting the Groom
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Escorting the Groom by Leigh James

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD… Ruthless technology billionaire Lucas Ford has run out of time. The rules of his trust make it clear: be married by thirty-five and stay married for one year. Otherwise, bye-bye inheritance—and the family fortune will be inherited by his sister, who might very well blow it on Botox and funding her sorority alma mater. FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE… Struggling escort Blake Maxwell has a choice: accept Lucas's offer to marry him in exchange for a million dollars or keep working as an escort until she can scrape enough money together to quit the business for good. This is the chance she's been waiting for—to take care of her ailing mother and leave her own backstabbing sister behind… TO LOVE, HONOR, AND OBEY… Both Blake and Lucas are forced to make the best of a bad situation. As their enemies fight to take them down, they have to work together to meet their goal: stay married for one year and persuade everyone that it's real so the terms of the trust can't be contested. But keeping things real complicates matters even further. Blake can't afford to have feelings for her brooding client. She needs to take the money and run to protect her seriously wounded heart. On the other hand, Lucas can't afford to lose the one woman he's ever really fallen for…the woman he never expected to steal his heart. TILL DEATH DO US PART… But they have to survive their respective demons, their attraction to each other, and their enemies first!
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