Embers: A 9/11 Romantic Suspense
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Come hell or high water, she's going to find her missing brother at Ground Zero. If this sexy stranger wants to help her, all the better.

Abby needs help, and she needs it bad. Her firefighter brother went MIA on 9/11, and she’ll risk anything to find him. That includes taking along the gorgeous hitchhiker she picked up off the side of the freeway.

She has no plans on falling in love, but he might be the only light as they plunge into the darkness of Ground Zero.

WARNING: This prequel to Smolder is a full of heart-wrenching moments and love mixed with the real events following 9/11. Think Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Fire if you added more tears, snark, and a sexy instalove HEA between our lady and that sexy hitchhiker. 

50% of all profits go to the 9/11 Memorial.

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