Echoes from the Soul
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Echoes from the Soul by Cindy Foster

Savannah, Georgia, 2021. Ambry Landers’ dreams have carried her across the boundaries of time 109 years into the past. Ambry feels a kindred spirit with the young woman in her dreams. Their resemblance has a supernatural element; could Ambry be that young woman from 1912? The lines of past and present begin to blur for Ambry as she discovers the identity of the young woman and the connection to Ambry’s soulmate. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 2021. John Franklin Beaumont V has been obsessed with the Titanic since he was a teenager. Dreams of tragedy and loss have haunted him through the years like a relentless spirit. He learns through therapy that his dreams are actual events his great, great grandfather experienced aboard the Titanic. When he comes across a replica ship taking the same route, John knows he has to book passage and follow in his ancestor’s steps. Titanic 1912. Maudie Lee Bailey and her fiancé, John Franklin Beaumont, are first-class passengers aboard the most luxurious ship ever built. They are finalizing their wedding plans when they reach the last stop in New York. Maudie’s life is shattered when tragedy occurs. She must find a way to reach Ambry Landers before it’s too late for a love to endure beyond time.
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