Dying for a Donut (Laurel McKay Mysteries Book 5)

To Laurel McKay, there is nothing better than spending an autumn afternoon munching on caramel apples and cinnamon donuts. It's a good thing her daughter Jenna has landed a seasonal job at Apple Tree Farm and Bakery. Then Laurel stumbles over the bakery owner coated in powdered sugar. Axel Thorson was a well-respected member of the community. Who wanted to sweeten him up?

When the police arrest the heartthrob grandson of the bakery manager, Jenna decides to help him by solving the case herself, a move that lands her in jail. With Laurel's detective honey in another state, and her octogenarian grandmother threatening to chase down the culprit, what's a soccer mom with a sweet tooth to do but go undercover. Detecting among donuts should be a piece of cake, but not if Laurel discovers first-hand that sugar can kill you.


"Don't miss the Laurel McKay books. Like me, you'll be 'dying' to read the next one."  
Brenda Novak, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

"Fans of the Laurel McKay Mysteries series will be more than satisfied by Sample's sweet wit and cruller-like twists. A fun and entertaining read, this is an excellent addition to the series." -
Donna Soluri, RT Book Reviews

"An absolute delight, DYING FOR A DONUT, is a fast-paced, intriguing tale that will keep you guessing. Packed with murder, danger, intrigue, humor, suspects galore, romance, interesting, well-developed characters as well as a few hilarious one-liners, this whodunit is a must read for cozy mystery fans or anyone seeking a lighthearted mystery." -
Dottie Jones, Romance Junkies Reviewer

Once again Sample presents a very entertaining mystery featuring a relatable and likable heroine. The family interactions with the McKay woman are a delight, as their love for one another always overrides their frustrations. The characters are the reason readers will return to this series, and the twisty plot surprises and fun dialogue will engage new fans. Delicious apple recipes and descriptions of donut making are the perfect topping for this lighthearted, very funny mystery." -
Cynthia Chow, Kings River Life Magazine

"I love how this light and humorous tale flows from scene to scene keeping me engaged in all facets of this mystery. The author did a great job in putting the killer in plain sight, because I didn't see it until that one pivotal clue and it was fun to watch how it all played out when the killer was revealed. A great read and I love the ending and I can't wait for the next book in this delightfully entertaining series." 
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