Dragon’s Captive
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Dragon’s Captive by Shea Malloy

Our world is gone and the dragons have enslaved us. The life I knew was changed forever when I lost someone I loved. I became a traitor to my people the day I saved Theron, the handsome dragon prince of Andrasar. He’s repaid my kindness with captivity. He’s made me his slave. He’s my enemy whose clutch I should want to escape. He’s a monster I should hate. But he makes me forget when his touch scorches me like a brand and marks me as his. Humans are a threat and should be destroyed. I’ve dedicated my life to the misery of humans. Their unwelcome presence is a reminder of what I’ve lost. The appearance of Seela, the beautiful human female who saves my life, contradicts my beliefs. She is my fire’s half, destined to be my mate. I can’t accept her. I can’t want her. She is my enemy. But she makes such sweet sounds of surrender when I taste her, I have no choice but to claim her as mine.
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