Dr. Trouble: An Enemies to Lovers Suspense Romance

A life built on lies isn’t made for love. 

But he’s determined to prove otherwise. 


Dr. Jameson Scott. 

Infuriating. Devastating. Everything I didn’t want to be around.

I had to eat my  words when he saved my life.

With eyes that melt … well, everything. Arms stacked with muscle. A southern drawl that rivals McConaughey. He has it all, including what other women might call charm. 

I thought I was immune. If only the man didn't show up at just the right time. 

And when my international hunt to solve the mystery from my past turns dangerous, he puts his life on the line. 

But giving into what my  heart wants means giving up the only thing I know is safe. Trusting no one.

-Jameson AKA "Scotch” 

The former spy had it out for me from the start. 

Then I saved her life and everything went to Hades. 

I didn’t expect to fall for the patient that had murder in her eyes. She didn’t expect to need to trust me. 

Neither of us were ready for the lightning that set our world on fire.

But Simona’s dark past means trust isn’t in her playbook. 

What she doesn’t know is that I never back down from a challenge. 

A chance at a future with her is worth any risk I have to take. 

Because one gunshot is all it took to intertwine our lives forever. 

Because she might have taken the bullet, but I took one straight to the heart. 

There is no getting over Simona. I have to make her mine. 

Dr. Trouble is a high steam, medium angst, medical,  suspense, spy romance with two unforgettable characters. Written in first person point of view from both his and her perspectives. This can be read as book 2 in the Agile Security & Rescue Series or as a standalone.  Happy ever after. No cheating. No cliffhanger. 

"This was so good! I loved it. It was nonstop action packed intense fun." Tesh, Goodreads Review.  

"Off the charts steamy!!!,"  Anonymous, Bookbub

"They are always on the verge of killing or kissing each other and the tension that creates is delicious to behold... amazing and intense ride." Anonymous, Booksprout

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