Dex by Tarin Lex


Dex: Wylder Fire Volunteers Book 1
An Insta Love Firefighter Romance

Since taking over as the Library Events Director, I’m exhausted.
A walk in the wilderness with a good book is just what the doctor prescribed.
I find more than solace though: I find danger.
In the form of a rogue, angry bison and an equally ominous mountain man.
I could just kiss him for saving my life! And I do.
Only problem?
He’s Dex—my best friend’s older brother.

I’m back from an overseas contract working as a structural engineer.
After three years I’m ready to plant roots, serve my own down-home community.
From the second I see Brie again, looking like a babe in the woods, I know she’s mine.
Time has been almost too good to my kid sister’s best friend.
Saving her life? It was nothin’.
Staying away though?
No can do.

Dear Reader,
The Wylder Bluffs are heating up!
These firefighting mountain men know what they want.
And come hell or high water, they’ll claim what’s theirs.
The curvy gals they meet are fierce yet kind. They don’t need to find love.
They want to.
It takes a special kind of woman to handle ALLL that mountain man!
Buckle in and enjoy the escape into Wylder Bluffs!
xoxo, Tarin

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