Devour the Sun
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Devour the Sun by Bri Mooney

“Devour the Sun” merges the post-apocalyptic chaos and high-octane action of "Mad Max: Fury Road" with the origin story and power struggles of "Dracula Untold." It is a best-selling paranormal, dark fantasy, romance in a dystopian war-torn setting. With themes including war, violence, and adult situations, this adult book is not suitable for readers under 18. Please check the Reader's Advisory before reading. She watched it fall. The peace she’d built brick by brick, the family she’d cultivated over the centuries, the home she’d finally found. It’s all gone. Burned to ash by the Rebel Vampire King. Sigríð Storråda never wanted to be a hero. Left with a country fallen to despair, she is left with a choice. To do nothing would mean the death of all who remained and waging war against a tyrannical vampire regime may just be what Sigríð needs. In her relentless pursuit to dismantle the oppressive crown, an encounter with Alex, a daring scientist executing forbidden experiments on vampires, turns the tables on Sigríð in more ways than one. "Devour the Sun" weaves a paranormal dark fantasy tapestry where alliances arise from the ashes of a once-peaceful kingdom, forbidden love emerges amidst the ruins, and Sigrid's unyielding spirit sparks a rebellion that will reshape their world forever.
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