Devil May Care
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Devil May Care by Angel Lawson

Everyone knows Gwendolyn and Hamilton are enemies… what happens when the whole school finds out their secret? Gwendolyn Adams has been canceled. The Preston Prep Devils made that clear after the incident that forced my sister, Skylar, to leave our academy. They wanted me to leave, too, but I refused. I’m sticking around to make sure they follow through on the deal the snobby, elite crew of jocks made with the administration. The arrangement is simple. No one ever speaks about what happened to Skylar again, and no one gets punished. But that's not exactly true, is it? I still get punished, each and every day that I walk down the halls. No one speaks to me. No one looks at me. No one even admits I exist. It doesn’t matter. I know what they did. And I know who’s in charge; Hamilton Bates. Handsome, smart, and ridiculously privileged. He’s the lead Devil, and my hatred for him is all in the details. All it takes is one slip, one heated argument, one mistake, and everything gets even more complicated. We get complicated. Is this love or has the Devil found a new plaything? Devil May Care can be a standalone read but is part one of the now COMPLETE four book series following the characters of Preston Prep. Devil May Care gripping, angsty, m/f enemies to lovers, bully romance, by Best Selling Author, Angel Lawson and Samantha Rue. The Boys of Preston Prep: Devil May Care Deal with the Devil Touched by the Devil Devil Incarnate
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