Destination Romance
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Destination Romance by Kristy Tate

Escape to exotic destinations and get lost in these delicious, witty, and fast-paced romances. IRISH WISHES: Castles, boating on the River Liffey, the haunted ruins of the Hellfire Club, and the breathtaking beauty of the Irish countryside—a romantic journey of two people who had to get lost to find each other. THE FLORENCE AFFAIR: Love at first sight has a way of doing a double-take. Blend in the Tuscan countryside, Italian legends and lore—as well as the promise of a happily ever after—and you have A Florence Affair. THAT SONG IN PATAGONIA: Two people with hurting hearts and unrealized dreams explore the streets of Buenos Aires and the South American countryside, and it changes them both forever. And what they find in each other is something that might just heal them both.
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