Dearly Betrayed
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Dearly Betrayed by B. B. Hamel

He dragged me from the altar straight to his bed. I have to marry the man that killed my father. He’s Jayson Costa, mafia prince, obscenely wealthy, emotionally distant, and sinfully attractive. I don’t care how good that control freak looks in a suit: Jayson’s everything I despise. But this marriage is the only way we can put a stop to the war that’s destroying our families. Only my feelings get complicated when he surprises me with an incredible, heat-filled kiss at the altar. Mr. Emotionally-Stunted has a passionate side, and I’m the girl that makes him tear down his walls. We have chemistry like I’ve never felt before and an attraction that makes me hate my own physical reactions. His fingertips send tingles down my spine, his lips shred me into pieces, and I can’t stop this reckless, constant need to be close to him. Now I’m stuck and I don’t know what I want more: revenge or this gorgeous man in my bed.
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