Deadly Inheritance
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Deadly Inheritance by Jeulia Hesse

"A true mystery/thriller that will captivate the reader and keep them scrutinizing every character until the end in a true whodunit fashion." Sometimes what you want most is what you left behind… The Stone House Inn should have gone to Christina Wade’s cousin, Annie. But Annie’s been missing seven years. And for all those years, Christina has carried the guilt of choosing to be with her boyfriend that night instead of watching over Annie. Christina ran from her life in a small town in the beautiful rural mountains of Vermont for a hospitality management job in the city. Now she’s inherited the inn and all the old memories that go with it. One of those memories is the man she’d been in love with since high school. The man she’d been with when Annie disappeared. Biology teacher and avid outdoorsman Kevin McKinley has never stopped loving Christina. But now she’s back and may have to sell some of the inn’s land, land that’s desperately needed for nature conservancy, not development. The old attraction is rekindled, but if he pushes too hard, will she run away again like last time? There’s someone else who’s never forgotten Christina. Someone who may have killed before to get what he wanted. To get what Christina has. As danger draws Christina and Kevin closer, will they survive to take a second chance on love, or become victims of her deadly inheritance?
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