Daughter of Paris: The Diary of Marie Duplessis, France’s Most Celebrated Courtesan (Based on a True Story) (Historical Biographical Fiction Series)
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The story of Marie Duplessis, the courtesan who consumed Parisian high society in the 19th Century, and the inspiration behind masterpieces such as Alexandre Dumas Fils' The Lady with the Camellias and Verdi's La Traviata, is one that overwhelms with its soul-searing tragedy. This peasant girl, who endured cruelty, abandonment, and the torment of a woman’s lot in her time, clawed her way through the class and cultural strata of Paris from one rich man to another, with her sensational beauty lighting the way. Yet her beauty wasn’t the only thing capturing hearts, but also her indefatigable spirit, unflappable honesty, and raw commitment to finding love, no matter the cost—an ideal that always seemed to elude her. Marie Duplessis was the courtesan who conquered her world as no other woman has, past or present. This is the story of a peasant girl who surpassed all suppressions her era imposed on its women, to become one of the most famous individuals 19th century Europe had ever known.
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