Dare You to Love Me
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Dare You to Love Me by Jennifer Sucevic

Riggs has always been my best friend. So what if I’ve started to notice that the guys I’m now attracted to bear an uncanny resemblance to the hot hockey player? That’s not necessarily a problem, is it? All right, so maybe it is. Don’t worry…I have a plan to put the kibosh on the inappropriate fantasies rolling around in my head. It involves going out with someone who’s the opposite of my bestie. Except…the date turns out to be a total disaster. And who’s there to laugh it off with me later that evening? You guessed it—Riggs. It only takes a little game of truth or dare to realize that nothing will ever be the same between us again. *This is a Christmas Novella in the Western Wildcats Hockey Series and is 12,500 words*
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