Dance With the Dead
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Dance With the Dead by H.P. Mallory

A brand new paranormal women’s fiction ghost mystery series from HP Mallory and JR Rain, authors of the Haven Hollow and Trailer Park Vampire Series! From the time I was eight years old, I could see ghosts. One ghost in particular occupied most of my attention: Petra Shearwater. That was mostly because Petra decided to become my forever tagalong, traveling with me from the small, English country town of Morley-on-Avon, where she’d died, to the bustling cosmopolitan city of The Big Apple. Now, thirty-four years later, as a mystery novelist just out of a lackluster fifteen-year relationship, I’m in need of a new start and some inspiration for a new book. So, I find myself setting off for the one town that captured my interest all those years ago: Morley-on-Avon. And, yes, Petra is along for the ride. Now at the fresh age of forty-two, I’m looking for a new start, a new book, and even new love—something I’m hoping to find with the local blacksmith named Leo. Leo seems to be all contradictions: hulking but shy, soft-spoken yet enormous, boyish yet in his mid-forties. What I’m not planning on, however, is that the little cottage I’ve moved into, called Bluebells, is haunted! And I’m fairly sure that the ghost haunting it, Victoria Willis, is trying to tell me something about her death… a death I’m not convinced was an accident, as all the Morley locals might like me to believe… Click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to begin the GWEN’S GHOSTS series today!
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