Daddy Fever
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Daddy Fever by Margot Scott

This doctor daddy is ALL IN for his curvy patient. Healing takes time. Whether it’s a broken bone or a laceration, patience is potent medicine. The same goes for relationships. I moved back to town hoping to patch things up with my son. Imagine my surprise when I meet his gorgeous best friend on the exam table at my OB/GYN office, hell-bent on ditching her V-card as quickly as possible. That’s not going to happen. As her doctor, it’s my duty to advise her to make safe choices about her wellbeing, and she deserves better than a drunken fumble with a careless frat boy. She deserves a man who will take the time to honor every inch of her luscious body. And I’m prepared to be whatever kind of man she needs. Because if anyone’s claiming Natasha’s V-card, it’s going to be me. Her best friend’s father—a.k.a. Dr. Daddy. Author's Note: Slip into something spicy with the brand new Daddy Sized Series, bursting at the seams with curvy heroines and older daddies who can't keep their hands to themselves. Daddy Fever is a steamy, age-gap, best friend's dad romance featuring a hot doctor daddy. For a complete list of themes, tropes, and TWs, please visit Margot Scott's website.
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