Cursed by Fate
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Cursed by Fate by VJ Silvey

Abandoned by her parents. Forced to betray her mate. Pushed to battle her vicious Alpha. Stranded at ten years old with no memory of her childhood, Ava spent the past ten years training to be a fierce fighter whose skills rival any wolf shifter in the pack. Her idyllic life is thrown into chaos when she realizes her power-hungry Alpha intends to overthrow the Supernatural Council, making himself the Wolf King. But her uncle’s secrets stand in the way, and they are in danger of discovery. When the Alpha’s son, Derek, shows up for private lessons, her world is shaken by the threat his presence poses and his obsessive pursuit of her. Struggling between her inexplicable attraction to him and her fear of losing everything, she feels cursed to lose her heart, as well as her life. Can she resist Derek’s charms and keep their secrets safe, or will she be able to turn him against his own father? In a world ruled by a Supernatural Council of wolves, witches, fae, and vampires, she must decide between betraying her fated mate or saving her only family. Will her hidden past be the key to it all? Common Need to Know & FAQs on Cursed by Fate **The burning questions I always have before starting a book answered** Standalone? Nope...Four books in the series! Each builds on each other. HEA/HFN? At the end of the series! Rapid release every two weeks! (I can't make my fellow readers wait, especially with cliffhangers in every book!) Cliffhangers? YEP.Books 1-3 all have ending cliffhangers. Spicy? Absolutely schmuttie. Not clean, sweet, or mild in any way. How often? 3+ major scenes per book Plot/character dev? Yup. Heavy on both. This series sets up the whole world for all the future series in Ruthless Alliances Collection/world. You'll be dying for more stories with these characters when you're done! Triggers? Violence, war, light torture, language galore, graphic images, etc. Predictable? Nope. Who doesn't love a twist? Supernaturals? This book is mostly wolf shifters and a few witches. The rest of the series has witches/magic, fae, and vampire. And plenty of villains too.
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