Cruel Destiny
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Cruel Destiny by B0BWR57K5N

Torn between the life I left behind that shattered my soul, and the life I’m building for myself that threatens to reopen the wounds of my heart, I’m about to embark on a journey that will spin my world off its axis… I pushed a button and my entire existence shifted in a split second. One press of my finger and I destroyed the most precious friendship I had. No matter what I do, the images of the night still haunted me. I did it to him... No one else. Whatever everyone else around me keeps repeating. One night, I receive a package I never expected that opens my eyes to new possibilities. Can I really do this? Leave my life as I’ve always known it and travel across the country to find back my happiness? And where I belong? To follow the list he put together? And then I walk into her shop by mistake. One look and it’s all it takes to steal my breath away. I recognize the pain in her eyes. Because it matches mine. What if meeting her wasn’t a coincidence, but fate playing us all along. Can we heal together? But mostly, can I trust her with my bruised heart? Nick and Dahlia’s story is inspiring, beautiful, and emotionally-charged (and steamy too). It will bring you on an emotional roller coaster and leaves you with a smile (and a bigger heart). Emmanuelle Snow writes realistic and emotional love stories that will bring you on a roller coaster of emotions. You'll want to be best friends with her heroines and have her heroes to rock your bed and take hostage your heart. Hello, book boyfriends. Every one of her books will make you laugh, cry, swoon, and leave you with a book hangover by the time you reach the last page. Notes: • Cruel Destiny is book one in the Second Tear duet. Second Tear was previously published as Whiskey and Country • Cruel Destiny must be read before Beautiful Salvation
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