Cross Current: A Seychelle Sullivan Novel (South Florida Adventure Series Book 2)
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A swamped boat in the Gulf Stream. A bloated corpse aboard. And a child clinging to life

When Seychelle rescues a traumatized Haitian girl, she promises to help the child find her American father. Determined to protect Solange, and prevent the authorities from deporting her, Seychelle must explore Florida's hidden world of voodoo in search of the forces that nearly killed the girl - and left her speechless with terror.

With a murderer stalking the child, Seychelle races to unravel dangerous truths. But to do so, she must take to the sea and return to where it all started: in the waters of the Gulf Stream, where people died for their dreams of freedom - and a man with a machete did the work of the devil himself.

Cross Current is the second book in Kling's pulse-pounding series of nautical thrillers. If you like adventures on the high seas, strong women characters, and exploring the dark side of paradise, then you're going to love Cross Current.

Start reading now and get ready for a wild ride.

Editorial reviews

"Kling's prose is strong and authoritative… 
Cross Current is a taut, fast-paced thriller." -The Miami Herald

"Exciting . . . Kling is an author who bears watching. She clearly knows how to add texture and color to her narrative… 
Cross Current is a keeper." -Tampa Tribune

"We'll go on a boat ride with Seychelle anytime." -
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Christine rocks! Makes me love Florida more. Take a fun-loving writer, give her a pen or a tablet to key in, and you have magic in the air." -Amazon reader

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