Covert Vengeance : A Military Romantic Suspense (SEALs and CIA Book 2)
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Injured and sidelined after a wayward mission, I’m miserable waiting for the right moment to avenge my fallen SEAL brothers. Except when the opportunity comes to join a mission, I’m forced to partner with a real-life Harley Quinn, CIA officer Elliot Smith. Slightly unhinged with a penchant for knives and explosives, she’s the wild card that could get us both killed. We fight at every turn, both eager to make the man who betrayed us pay. Constantly together, we somehow shift from enemies to partners, which morphs into a tempting attraction that, despite the danger, neither of us wants to resist.

With only vengeance on my mind, I don’t want or need the mouthy, dominant SEAL monitoring my every move like an overprotective babysitter. But he somehow sneaks past my defenses, leaving me vulnerable in a way I never knew I longed for. Tension turns to passion in the middle of our covert mission, distracting us from the danger that lurks closer than we think.
And this time, despite our efforts, I might not make it out of Colombia alive.

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