Corrupt Gods : A Dark Mafia Romance Collection (Corrupt Gods Duet)
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From USA Today bestselling authors Cora Kenborn and Catherine Wiltcher comes a thrilling arranged marriage mafia romance collection where every choice has a consequence...

A Santiago is a lesson in ruin.

A Carrera bleeds for revenge.

Thalia Santiago is the daughter of my enemy.

A beautiful rebel with a single cause.



And ripe for her father's undoing.

I recognized her the moment she stepped into my casino.

I watched her start the fires that burned her pretty fingers, and then I poured gasoline on the flames.

Now she's in my debt, and her dues are a shiny gold ring and a vow of deception.

I'll bend her.

I'll break her.

I'll turn our mockery of a marriage into a battlefield.

And that river of bad blood that flows between our two families?

I'll make it an ocean of hate.

Discover the #1 bestselling arranged marriage mafia romance series today.

This collection features both books in the duet, the prequel novella, PLUS bonus material:

Bad Blood.

Tainted Blood.

Born Sinner.

*The Corrupt Gods Collection is set in the Santiago and Carrera worlds, but it is unnecessary to have read either trilogy beforehand.

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