Corporate Connection
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Corporate Connection by Lydia Hall


There was only one partner position available at our law firm. 

And I was never going to let him win without a fight. 

Unless… he won my heart first. 

I’ve got to tell you; he came really close. 

He had my heart when he held me close, vowing to never let me go. 

He had it when I fell into his bed. 

And then he had it when he said those three words. 

But I had to face reality at some point. 

We were in a deep, deep problem. 

Our relationship was forbidden, completely off-limits, and wrong. 

Heck, I couldn’t even make up my mind about whether I loved him or hated him. 

The mess was real. 

The rivalry was real. 

But there was something that was even more troublesome. 

The pregnancy test that came back positive. 

Could an unborn baby convince us to stop being enemies and fight the world so we can be a family?

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