Complete Me (The Healing Series Book 3)
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She hated his guts from the first moment she laid eyes on him, but you know what they say about that line between love and hate?

Leslie Jordan had her life all planned out ever since she was a teenager until an accident took it all away. She threw herself into her work. She would be the best nurse, the best friend anyone could ever have. Then a little girl was thrown into her life, reminding her of all she had lost. It didn't help that her father came along with her. He was broody, angry, and oh so hot.

Damon James was used to being lonely. Sure he had his friends, but he hadn't loved anyone since the one who got away and met a tragic end. When a baby shows up, and he's named the father, his life is turned upside down. He didn't know how to care for a baby, let alone deal with the feisty nurse assigned to her care. Now, the mother is back, demanding custody. It would look better if his little girl had a two-parent home. If only he could get Leslie to say yes to his ridiculous proposal, they just might get what they both have been missing. Each other

This story contains material dealing with recovering from grief and loss. It may be disturbing to some. Please be advised.

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