Claimed by the Orc Prince: An MM Fantasy Romance (The Orc Prince Trilogy Book 1)
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An elven prince. The son of an orc warlord. In two warring nations, their arranged marriage brings peace. They never expected to fall in love.

Prince Taegan Glynzeiros has prepared since childhood to fight and lead armies against invading orc forces, the enemies of elves for hundreds of years. But after a successful peace treaty, the elven prince will not be fighting orcs, but marrying one.

The first words he speaks to Zorvut are their wedding vows. Despite being considered the runt amongst the orc warlord’s children, Taegan finds him to be intelligent and thoughtful—everything the stereotypes about orcs say he shouldn’t be. He doesn’t want to fall in love, but Zorvut’s gentle soul makes it difficult to resist. Worse, their marriage bond, forged by ancient elven magic between their minds, proves to be a far deeper and stronger connection than anyone expected. Despite their trepidation, a genuine relationship blossoms from the political union.

But such a long war is not easily forgotten, and there are both elves and orcs who want to see them apart. When a dark secret comes to light, threatening to nullify the very peace treaty that brought them together, Taegan must decide if his feelings for Zorvut are worth fighting for.

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