Caught By The Dark
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Caught By The Dark by Alexa Michaels

At Blackwater Manor, there's only one rule: Stay inside after sunset. No matter what noises you hear. No matter how the beast beckons. No matter how tempting his offer. It should be simple. Stay indoors. Of course, I’m not always the best listener. Especially when I see myself out there. It would be ungrateful to ignore Fate’s visions. I’m psychic after all, and breaking the rules to explore my visions is what I do best. Besides...I'm drawn to the beast lurking in the dark. Others might see him as a monstrous being. But to me, he's been nothing but protective, caring, and maybe a little sweet. Although he'd never admit it. Neither will his other half, the man I'm fake mated to when the sunshine is out. If I'm going to break the curse, save both man and beast, it's time to venture outside and let the dark catch me! A spicy, fake-relationship tale, this stand-alone paranormal romance raises the question: what prowls through the shadows? If you like a fearsome, growling hero, a sharp, witty leading-lady, and a beauty & the beast style romance, then grab a copy and snuggle up with Caught By The Dark today! **This paranormal monster romance is chronologically third in the Monsters In Moonlight series, but it can be read as a stand-alone. ***Author’s note: this book may not be suitable for everyone in terms of content, language, and passionate happily ever afters!
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