Caught A Vibe
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Caught A Vibe by Eva Moore

What would you do for a second chance at your best one-night stand? Penny Maxwell’s dreams are coming true. Her sex toy business is launching on technology’s biggest stage and soon everyone will have a blended orgasm within reach, until the pandemic arrives and puts a kink in her plans. The only good thing to come out of her stay in Las Vegas is a truly stellar one-night stand who follows her home, but can she juggle a start-up launch, a global shut down, and a new relationship? She is sure as hell going to try, because what that man can do with his gamer’s thumbs… When video game reviewer, Dash Hall, gets assigned an article on a revolutionary sex toy, he never dreamed it would change his life. His ADHD has him constantly chasing fresh dopamine, but one night with Penny has him hooked. When she falls ill, driving five hundred miles to care for her doesn’t feel impulsive. It feels vital. Becoming her quarantine roommate as result certainly wasn’t in the plans, but he’ll take any time he can get with her before she comes to her senses and realizes she can do better. Between the panini pairings, sourdough adventures, and accidental naked video chats, love blooms, but can it survive the stress of the quarantimes? Find out in this opposites attract, lovers-to-friends-to-lovers, forced proximity, work-from-home romance! “Truly, this was a refreshing, compulsively readable, of the moment book. One of my favorites of the year.” -Early reviewer
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