Care for Me
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Care for Me by Linda Seed

He’s the single father of an infant. She’s the nanny. It started out strictly professional, but then things changed … Rowan Brody is known for being a player with women. That’s how he ended up caring for a newborn after an ex had his baby and signed over her parental rights. The fact that he’s a pediatrician doesn’t make it any easier to cope with the sudden, massive responsibility of having his daughter’s life in his hands. Aurora Padgett is a seasoned child care professional, so she thinks she’s got things well in hand when Rowan hires her as his baby’s nanny. But her experience hasn’t prepared her for how Rowan makes her feel—the speeding pulse, the sweaty palms, and the fervent wish that she weren’t just playing at being part of his family. Care for Me is the second book in Linda Seed’s The Bridge Street MDs series.
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