Captive of a Commoner
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Captive of a Commoner by C.J. Pastore

I was immediately intrigued by this novel that took place in beautiful and glamorous Monaco in Europe. They had chemistry in spades and the story was fantastic. Bookgasms Book Blog Recent degree from Parsons School of Design and a prestigious fashion design award, I have a lot to celebrate. And what better way than a romp through Europe. I never anticipated the trouble coming my way. Or I should say, I never saw him coming. Chase Reardon. Eyes the color of the Mediterranean Sea at high noon, the former Marine and real estate mogul is the only man I ever desired. The problem is he barely knew I existed. But now... Fate has thrust me into his arms and ensnared me in the web of danger that follows him. No one is safe from his blood-stained past or the vengeful Russian drug lord that stalks those he loves the most. The man holds my heart, but I’m not sure I can muster the courage and stamina needed to keep us alive. And Chase? He’s determined to keep me safe at any cost. I’ve been on the edge of my seat while I was reading this book…The story isn’t predictable. I have been surprised countless times. thestarslisten The chemistry between Chase and Alicia sizzled. LBAS Book Blogs
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