Call It What You Want
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Call It What You Want by Steve Milton


I never expected to love a guy.

I was just trying to return my ex-girlfriend's dog to her after she dumped me for... it's a long story. I ended up getting a massage from her former masseur. Then something really weird happened.

I never felt like that before. Not about a man, not about anybody. Why can't I stop thinking about Alan: his reassuring voice, his salt-and-pepper stubble, and how secure I feel in his hands?

I didn't think I was gay, but Alan is amazing. He's so caring. Maybe I'm just lonely and deluding myself. Or maybe I really am falling in love.

I'm not going to be anybody's plaything. Not again.

"Straight" guys. I've learned to stay away from them. Once the guilt hits, they cut and run.

I thought it would be different with Josh. It wasn't. Serves me right for thinking a younger guy could consider me relationship material. I don't need any more hurt in my life.

What if I give Josh a chance?

Call It What You Want is a 32,000-word feel-good romance of two men discovering love where they never expected it. May contain an English bulldog, beginner's luck, bacon cheeseburgers, and a very adoptable ten-year-old boy

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