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Busted by Olivia Sinclair

What if my dad’s best friend finds out all my books’ sexy heroes are based on him?

If it hadn’t been for that mean professor sophomore year, I never would have written an essay about my crush on Navy surgeon Commander Aiden McBride. (Yes, he’s just as deliciously stern as that sounds.)

And if it hadn’t been for my new best friend Ingrid, I wouldn’t have thought to turn the essay into the steamy novel that launched my career as an indie romance author.

I’m grateful, really! There’s just a couple of teeny-tiny things I would do differently if I had it to do over again. But thankfully you can update ebooks, so nobody ever has to know. Phew!

I’ve never expected Aiden to see me as anything but his best friend’s daughter, and I’m okay with that. He mostly ignores me anyway. But graduation means I’m too old to hide behind a school-girl infatuation. It’s time to move on.

If he’ll let me, that is. Because somehow Aiden found out what I did. He’s not happy. And now I seem to be falling deeper in love.

You can tell me the truth — am I totally screwed?

Busted is a full-length standalone romance with no cliffhanger and an HEA.
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