Bubbles with Brunch: The Stiletto Sisters Series
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If your best friend was arrested for murder? Would you lie or tell the truth?

I don’t want complicated, drama, or serious in the women I date.
That was until I met her.
Mia’s different—she’s beautiful, smart, and knows baseball better than I do.
Her close friend is arrested for murder and life becomes complicated.
Chaos engulfs her.
Drama colors all parts of her life.
And, maybe serious wouldn’t be so bad.

Life’s not as easy for me as people think.
Sure I’m CEO of a Fortune 50 company I founded.
I’ve got a group of girlfriends who’d doing anything for me.
But I can’t meet a decent guy to save my life until I met him.
Axel makes my toes curl and my heart melt.
But the timing may just be wrong.

Bubbles with Brunch is a romance with a happy ending and the first book in the The Stiletto Sisters series. This series is about strong women who need strong men. This book can be read as a stand alone that highlights the women seen in the Venture Capitalist Series and the Tech Billionaire series.

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