Brutal Vows
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Brutal Vows by Darcie McQueen

He’s a stranger and a liar, and I’ve never felt safer with anyone in my entire life. He vowed his life and loyalty to a mob boss, but that vow ended when his boss shot him in the back. She vowed to marry a monster for her family, but she ran when the cost became too high. When their paths collide, all they know about each other is that each of them is a liar, pretending to be something they aren’t. But are they lying to survive or to betray, and can two people who’ve been betrayed ever trust again? And if they can, if they touch and find something beautiful after living lives built on pain, will they be able to survive when their nightmares come calling? Because those nightmares will find them… they are already on the way. Darcie’s Note: Brutal Vows is a steamy mafia-lite romance that contains violence and dark subject matter, including references to prior abuse. All steaminess between the main characters is consensual. This is the first book in the interconnecting, standalone Vows & Vendettas series. Each book contains a happily ever after for the couple, while the overall conflict continues throughout the series. Books should be read in order. Please read at your own discretion.
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