Broken Rules (The Maguire Brothers)
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After coming home to an empty house and a Dear John letter, newly-divorced Jeremy Maguire moved to the little town of Harbor's Head to start over. His one priority in life is giving his son a great childhood, but juggling parenting, a new job, and moving into a new home leaves zero time for romance. He assumes he'll be single for good...until he winds up stuck in an elevator with the hottest woman he's ever seen. When the man she loved became an addict, Sabrina Carter did the only thing she could to protect her children: she left him and moved back to her hometown. She's dated since then but has never been able to find anyone she could trust to love her as well as her children. But a chance meeting with a gorgeous stranger in an elevator sparks to life an attraction that’s hotter than anything she’s ever known. Jeremy’s an incredible father treating her boys like they were his own. Maybe it’s time to give romance another chance... But when Jeremy's ex-wife suddenly reappears and threatens to take his son, he's thrown into the biggest battle of his life. He's not alone, though. Sabrina's determined to hang onto the new family and love she's found. Jeremy's about to learn what it's like to fight side-by-side with someone who has the key to his heart. ***Possible triggers: miscarriage, kidnapping***
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