Broken Boy: Atlanta Daddies Series
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Layne has the Daddy of his dreams. Hot, strong, loving, and possessive. At least some of the time. But when the doors are closed and they’re alone, everything changes. Layne can’t figure out how to fix his Daddy's problems and insecurities. He’s resigned himself to a life of fear when he meets the younger Branson. Smart, sweet, and endlessly patient, he’s drawn to him. But what does that mean for his current relationship?

Branson doesn’t have dating or dynamics on the brain. After a messy breakup with his boy, all he wants to do is work and meet some like-minded friends. Kintan and Layne could be that for him. However, after he finds out the dark, twisted secrets festering beneath the surface, he begins to realize that things aren’t what they seem.

Can Branson pull Layne out of the fire?

And what happens when an arrangement as just friends turns into so much more?

Broken Boy contains triggers including domestic violence. Please do not read if you are sensitive to the subject. Check the inside before you read please!

Reading order: (These books can be read as standalones but if you would like to follow ALL of the couples from the very start follow this list)

Dear Daddy, Please Punish Me (Fitch and Diego)
Broken Boy (Layne and Branson)
Beautiful Boy (Aaron and Red)
Rich Boys

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