Brenda and the Biker
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Brenda and the Biker by Nancy Egan

One twist of fate sends Brenda and Steve on a WILD ride.... Steve is out on his motorcycle when he comes across beautiful young Brenda miles from anywhere, hitchhiking on the side of the road. He offers to help, but she passes out before he can get her home safely. Certain she's in trouble, he and his friend Bill the paramedic take her to Steve's house to recover from whatever drug got slipped to her. Steve has always admired Brenda, ever since she moved to town the year before, and even more lately, since she started working at his favorite coffee shop. Now that she's eighteen, he's even thought about asking her out. Except she's going to leave town for college in the fall, and her terrible home life gives barely enough time to study. Brenda can't recall what happened the night before, but she DOES know her step-dad and mother are treating her like a free babysitter for the guy's two daughters. So when Steve offers her a job and place to live, and the chance to study in a quiet place all of her own, she jumps at it. Except her enemies certainly don't want her out of their clutches. And one of the girls who hangs out with Steve's motorcycle club instantly decides she has to compete with Brenda, and turns brat on her dominant Steve. Sue deliberately leaves the door open to Steve's play room as he punishes her as a naughty submissive, thinking Brenda will be so shocked at the scene, she'll never want to see Steve again. But far from running away from the sight, Brenda starts to wonder if Steve might be the perfect guy to lose her v-card to. An experienced man of the world who knows how to pleasure a woman, not a fumbling teen. Brenda can't think of anything she wants more than to explore sex, and even kinks, with such a skilled lover. The more passionate they become, the more Sue and others try to split them up. Can Steve save Brenda again before it's too late....?' Grab a copy now and see if fate will give them a lustily ever after ending, or tear them apart forever. Sensuality Rating This novel contains some language and steamy scenes sensitive readers might find offensive. It is intended for mature audiences. About the Author Nancy Egan is a new author of modern erotica. The Virgins and Doms series are short, quick, dirty reads with sexy older guys, and the innocent gals who fall under their spell. They are all standalone books, all consensual, with a Lustily Ever After guaranteed. Intended Readers Anyone who loves age gap romances and dominant / submissive story lines. And ones where the couple have to work to get their lustily ever after when the whole world seems to be against them.
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