Bounty Hunter Jonathan (Western Frontier Justice War)
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Jonathan Kettleman is an honorable bounty hunter who keeps himself busy with his work after the death of his wife. Each job is simple. All he does is bring in the outlaw and get paid.

That is until the wealthiest woman in the state, Elizabeth Darton, shows up on the doorstep of the sheriff’s office. She begs the law to bring her daughter back to her. Isabella Darton is taken by one of the most notorious outlaws in the state. His name is Chester Dawson… and he wanted money.

The stakes are higher than ever as Jonathan sets out on a journey to bring Isabella back to her mother, in the midst of a conflict between the natives and the government.

Chester is on bad terms with the natives because of the relentless trespassing on their land. This is bound to make Jonathan’s job even harder as he attempts to keep the peace between both sides while trying to bring Isabella back home.

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