Boss On Notice
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Boss On Notice by Zoey Locke

In "Boss On Notice: A Hilarious Billionaire Romantic Comedy," readers will embark on a rollercoaster ride of witty banter, sizzling tension, and unexpected love between an exasperated assistant and her rake of a billionaire boss. Welcome to New York City, where I have the misfortune of working for the worst boss imaginable. His name is Orion Lord, and he makes my life a living hell. From disrupting my sleep to making absurd demands, he knows just how to push my buttons. But I'll admit, there's something about him that keeps me hooked. Orion is a shameless flirt, devastatingly handsome, and incredibly charming—a true modern-day rake. But he's also notorious for his unattainability, and I've decided I've had enough. Just when I'm about to quit, Orion throws me a curveball. He needs a date for his brother's wedding weekend in Las Vegas, and he sweetens the deal just as I'm ready to walk away. Reluctantly, I agree, knowing I need that final paycheck. Little did I know that this trip would lead to a series of hilariously disastrous events. Waking up naked in a stranger's bed, with Orion snoring beside me, sets off a chain of panic and chaos. Determined to keep this embarrassing incident a secret, I frantically hide all evidence and pretend nothing happened. But how long can I keep up the charade? Especially as my loathing for Orion slowly transforms into something entirely unexpected—undeniable love. "Boss on Notice" is an irresistible standalone romantic comedy filled with laugh-out-loud moments, scorching chemistry, and an enchanting enemies-to-lovers storyline. As the tension builds and the lines between love and hate blur, readers will be captivated by the electric connection between our feisty assistant and her infuriatingly captivating boss. Can they navigate their complicated feelings and find a way to embrace the unexpected romance blossoming between them?
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